Life Goes On .... Are You Prepper Strong?

Life Goes On …. Are You Prepper Strong?

If you are preparing for the future, for life after “shit hits the fan”, think about your life right now.

If you truly want to be prepared for your future, then you need to think about what you have and use right now. More specifically, get out a pad of paper and write down every single thing you use during the day.

  • You woke up and brushed your teeth. You used a toothbrush and toothpaste, maybe some mouthwash or dental floss.
  • You went to the bathroom and you used toilet paper.
  • Next, you took a shower. You used soap, shampoo, conditioner and a towel to dry off.

At this point your list is coming along nicely. Next, you shaved. To shave you used a razor and maybe some shaving cream and moisturizer. So add those to your list.

What did you do next?

Every item you use in a day, you will want to add to your list. Check for those items and see if they expire. If they don’t, stockpile them. You know you are going to use them, so why not pick them up now or when you find them on sale?

For breakfast, you not only ate food but you had to use pots and pans to prepare the food with, plates and silverware to eat it. You needed dish soap to wash the dishes. Keep going. Go all day, for a week or more.

Keep writing down items that you use every single day. These are the items you are going to want to make sure you have with you if God forbid, something ever does happen.

One day something is going to happen – not IF, there is no IF about it. It’s a matter of when. And that’s what you need to prepare for. It could be today, it could be tomorrow or it could be ten years from now.

Are you prepper strong?

The question is when that something (whatever that something is) does happen, will you be prepared? Will your life go on with ease because you prepared for the future or will you struggle just to survive because you don’t have even the basic life necessities?

Life Goes On …. Are You Prepper Strong?