Building a Family Library – Preparing For The Future

Today we take for granted things like books or the ability to look up anything and everything with just a few simple keystrokes.

But in a worst-case scenario, even something as simple as a dictionary is going to be important to have.

And no I don’t mean one on your phone. I mean real life books. What are you going to use to recharge your phone when the battery goes dead? And forget about the internet. The world wide web will go down quickly without power feeding all those servers. So what will you do without Wikipedia or those great how-to videos on YouTube?

Here are some books you should have “just in case”.

  • A dictionary
  • A book on first aid
  • A cookbook (or two or three)
  • A book on farming and/or gardening
  • A medical reference guide
  • A book about natural remedies
  • A book on edible plants
  • A book on camping and survival
  • The Army Ranger Handbook
  • The Boy Scout Handbook
  • A World Atlas
  • A set of encyclopedias

Now let’s talk about relaxation time. Since there won’t be any more TV to watch you will want to have something to relax. This is why you will want to add several great fiction books to your library. You will want something to do to relax and get the hardships of real life off of your mind. You might also want to consider getting some coloring books for your children, as well as some crossword puzzles and brain teasers.

While not a book, mind as well pick up every board game you can get your hands on too. This will allow you to have a weekly family game night.

Now let’s talk about kids. What will you do to educate your children in a worst case scenario?

I suggest gathering all the material for a full grade k-12 homeschool curriculum. You will be fully responsible for educating your children so you’ll want to have everything you need to make that happen. You know what they say … the children are the future, so you need to make sure they are prepared.


Building a Family Library – Preparing For The Future