Fresh source of water

A great new source of fresh water!

If you are smart and preparing for that “what if” situation, you will want to get your hands on a source of fresh, clean water for your family.

Fresh source of water

A company recently announced a product called the WaterSeer and basically what it does is pulls water out of thin air.

  • It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t need power or use chemicals.
  • The WaterSeer produces up to 37 liters of pure water a day.

I have to say, the WaterSeer is a prepper must have.

Fresh source of water

For about $250 you can ensure you and your family has fresh, clean water every single day. How could you not want of these?

For more information visit their official website at

It appears that the cost is about $250 for the unit but I think that’s probably the best investment you can make to ensure your family has fresh water in a disaster situation.


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