What’s your off-grid power plan?

If the power goes out what are you and your family going to do? You need a backup source of power not only for heat but to cook food and sterilize your water.

  • With no power how will you cook?
  • With no power how will you see in the dark?
  • With no power how will you keep warm in the winter?
  • With no power how will you keep cool in the summer?
  • With no power how will you wash your clothes?
  • With no power how will you keep food in your freezer?

The point of preppering for the future is to “PREPARE” and that means you need to start thinking about the answer to these questions.

Can you start investing in solar power?

Do you have a solid supply of firewood?

In your plan for the future, you really must plan out how you are going to live without power. If the worst happens, there will be no more power grid so you’ll want to consider long term solutions.

If you have a backup generator, how long will that really last? What will you do when you run out of gas or propane?

Seriously consider solar power. For the long term, it really is the only viable solution. Well, there is also wind power. You can actually do a combination of both if you want.


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