High End Prepping for the Rich

An investor group is planning a high-end prepper community in Texas that is expected to cost upwards of $300 million dollars when all is said and done. It’s being built in Ector, Texas near Dallas. Ector, Texas, is a tiny, single-traffic light town most see only from the highway.

They are planning on it being a fully sustainable community complete with underground luxury condos. The builders plan on it being one of “the most plush restores in all of Texas, if not America”.

The over the top underground facility even comes with air-lock blast doors to protect the residents from dirty bombs.

The develops say they’ll have enough food, water, and electricity to life off the grid for a year in style with underground bunkers, tunnels and even a DNA vault.

The community will be known as Trident Lakes and is looking to open as soon as 2018.

“People are getting fearful of this world — there’s ISIS, there are things like Zika virus to race relations and the police brutality they see on TV — people are nervous. People want a place they can have safety for themselves and for the future of their families,” Whitt added. “If need be, it’s going to be one of the safest places on Earth.”

You can follow the progress of construction on twitter @TridentLakes.


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